Green ICT and Finance?

Depending on the price of energy, which is not all that high globally at the moment, direct energy-cost benefits to individual companies may be marginal. In a survey conducted as part of the Is IT Green EU-LLP project, Turkish companies on average estimated their total energy costs as about 10% of their total costs, and costs related to ICT energy consumption to be 10% of their total energy costs. In other words ICT-related energy costs are about 1% of the total costs, unless you are in a business such as software development or server farms. However if you look at the broader picture in terms of financial control, an ICT energy audit could actually save your company. National aggregates are also substantial, so with an ICT energy audit you can do good for the environment, for society, and for your company all at once. It will also be a plus for marketing.

How do I get started?

You can find the information on how to conduct an energy audit, as well as on other issues related to Green ICT, on the Is IT Green website. While there, play the game, attend the online course on moodle and get your certificate!